Once in a Lifetime

Senjan saaren kuuluisin vuorenhuippu, Segla, aamuvarhain heinäkuussa 2021. Kuva: Ville Palonen

Kerran Elämässä (Once in a Lifetime) is a Finnish language online travel media. We are specialized in the world’s best travel experiences with a strong emphasis on Europe, Asia and exotic destinations.

In 2022 our visitors were interested in

  • Nearby destinations: Finland, Norway, Estonia
  • European cities: Paris, Porto, Milan, Riga
  • Mediterranean destinations: Sicily, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus
  • Package tour destinations: Cape Verde, Madeira, Canary Islands

Our website combines elements from travel magazines and travel guides. We have published more than 1500 travel features, country and destination guides, travelogues and informative travel articles in Finnish language.

Kerran Elämässä was founded by two experienced Finnish travel writers, Mr. Antti Helin and Mr. Ville Palonen. Before launching our own travel media we used to contribute for leading Finnish magazines, newspapers and guidebook publishers for more than 10 years.

Our other online travel guides are MinneThaimaassa.com (Thailand travel guide in Finnish) and Featuring Finland (Finland travel guide in English).

If you would like to invite us for a press trip or learn about our advertising campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Media card 2023 – kerranelamassa.fi

81 000 views / week
59 000 sessions / week
40 000 unique visitors / week

70% mobile
3% tablet
27% desktop

Average visiting time is 4,5 minutes.

57% women
43% men

44% of visitors are 25-44 years old, 36% 45-64 years old and 15% are older than 65. A typical visitor is 25-50 years old woman who lives in/nearby Helsinki.

10 000+ Facebook fans

Stats: Google Analytics 6-12/2022